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Leader in semiconductor packaging, specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality, high performance optoelectronic products.

Clairex products are used today in a wide variety of military, medical, automotive and industrial applications including:

• Hybrids
• Photo-IC design
• High-Reliability processing
• Custom optics
• High temperature packaging
• Custom assemblies
• Arrays
• Custom design
• Infrared and visible LEDs
• Emitter-detector assemblies


  • Fiber coupled light source
  • Dual LED / Triple LED
  • Microscope LED light sources for fluorescence excitation
  • Custom fiber optic assemblies and special bundles
  • Silver-LED high power Fiber coupled light source
  • Fiber coupled LED light source 


  • Illumination  
  • Fiber Optics
  • Accessories

S-Bend Electronics is a UV LED supplier that provides wavelengths from 365nm - 410nm high power UV LED.

LED Items:

  • Square
  • Dragom eye
  • Rainbow Serias - Red. Green, Blue and RGB
  • UV LED - Multiple chips is possible 

  • Power LED Bulb
  • Light Tube
  • Down Light
  • Auto Bulbs
  • Grow Light , Panel & Strip
  • Lamps
  • Accessory
  • Controllers, Constant Drivers & Power Supply

  • White Light LEDs
  • Visible Color and IR LEDs
  • LED Display Clusters
  • LED Display Systems

  •  LED Chips

o        BLUE LEDs

o        UV LEDs

o        GREEN LEDs