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Using full range of vacuum coating equipment, in-house coating services along with comprehensive experience and professional technical support.

IZOVAC is capable to produce a wide range of precision optics (ITO, DLC, filters, mirrors, beam splitters, multizone filters, LVF, etc.). 

Lattice Electro-Optics is the international market leader in the area of optical components with high capabilities for optical components based on high quality substrate & coating

  • High Power Laser Optics : Laser Mirrors, Beamsplitters, Beamcombiners, Collimating lenses & Focusing lenses
  • Filters, polarized optics, flat optics, Prisms, Lenses made of all UV-IR material.
  • Coatings - Dielectric Coating , V-AR, BBAR, Double AR, Triple AR Partial beamsplitters, Output coupler coating, OPO coating Laser Mirror/Cavity coating, Long & Short-wave pass coating, Polarizing, Non-polarizing coatings, Metallic Coating
  • Optical Assembly and Other Optical Works 


  Please contact us : optics@astechoptics.com