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  • Attenuating fibers
  • Erbium Doped fibers
  • Double Clad fibers
  • Infrared fibers
  • UV Sensitive fibers
  • INO Specialty Optical Fiber
o        High Attenuation Fibers with CMS
o        Multimode High Attenuation Fibers
o        Photosensitive Fibers
o        Double Clad Rare-Earth Doped Fibers (Er, Yb, Er/Yb, Nd) and Relay Fibers
o        Single Clad Rare-Earth Doped Fibers ((Er, Yb, Er/Yb, Tm, Tm-Ho, Sm, Tb)
  • Single Clad Single Mode Fibers

  •  Quartz / Quartz Fibers | All Silicas (AS)
  • Hard-Plastic-Clad Silica Fibers (HPCS)
  • Plastic-Clad Silica Fibers (PCS)
  • Fiber Tapers | Tapered All-Silica (TAS)
  • Multi-Mode Gradient-Index Fibers (G)
  • Special Single-Mode Fibers (SM)
  • Capillaries (CAP)
  • Special Cables and Bundles
  • Fibers for medical application
o        Bare Fibers
o        Ophthalmological Probes
o        Fibers and Probes for Dentistry
o        Gas or Liquid-Cooled Optical Fibers
o        Side-Firing Fibers
o        Bare Fibers for Urological Applications


CeramOptec is a driving force in the field of optical fibers. Specialty fiber optic solutions engineered to meet customers' needs.

  • Fibers
  • Bundles
  • Assemblies
  • Collimators
  • Vacuum Feedthroughs